“Life” Business Card

  • Serve others unselfishly
  • Respect yourself, children, the elderly, mother earth, your neighbours, and your colleagues
  • Love others unconditionally
  • Approach the day with the attitude: “I make a difference”
  • Embrace the “choice factor” – the choices in life are yours and yours alone
  • Laugh
  • Make someone else’s life brighter each day
  • Listen, listen, listen
  • Abandon mediocrity and strive for excellence
  • Dream
  • Establish daily, monthly, yearly, and life goals
  • Cultivate your gifts, talents, and abilities
  • Balance your life: integrate body, mind, spirit, and community
  • Commit yourself to physical and nutritional well-being
  • Slow down, seek wonder, and live each moment


“You Make a Difference”


About Htaik Seng

A tiny person trying to kindling little hope and finding lost soul. Hope I will dare to dream one day.

4 responses to ““Life” Business Card

  1. Sorry, I don’t understand any sentences 😛

  2. Laura

    Wow… it’s so deep…
    Are u trying to be a phillosopher?

  3. htaikseng


    It good that you don’t understand. Coz you can come and read again and again and think of it.

  4. Golden Pollen

    Great Thoughts! If you become a great person one day, don’t forget me naw as we work together for our people and our community. Remember the time we passed with our team. I really like your “Life” Business Card. Go On!

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