If google with me, I’m professor!

When every we are infront of PC with i net connection. We start to double click on gtalk. We always go to IE or Mozilla URL and type http://www.gmail.com for our fisrt web log. We use igoogle to do things such as memo or to do list.

As for me, I have to depend on google. Most of my contact phone are in my gmail chat history. I use gmail to recive and send mail. So, all of my mails and documents are rest with google. I can go anywhere without any contact address if I can access i net.

I love http://www.google.com. If I want to know things and emotions. Even data I want to know is simply like phone number or calculate some basic math: I can simply googling.

I know depend on google that much is not so good. If google went wrong, we all are gone. So, we need to thinks about it careful. But as far as I know, google won’t gone easily. If it gone, it not only me who will suffer.

However, I can know things easily by googling. So, I must say if google with me, I’m professor!

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